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An audiobook in French… “Au Soleil Redouté”, by Michel Bussi

An audiobook in French… “Au Soleil Redouté”, by Michel Bussi

Are you wondering how you could improve your French vocabulary and listening? Are you interested in crime novels? Then, this online audiobook is made for you! 

Today’s recommendation is Michel Bussi’s last crime fiction, told by Emmanuel Lemire. You can find it online for free on Culturethèque, our Digital library, to which our members have free access, and where it is downloadable for 30 days.  

The story takes place in a claustrophobic atmosphere, in the isolated Marquesas Island, French Polynesia, in the Southern Pacific Ocean (find a map below). Five readers are there to attend a writing workshop with a famous author, in a guest house called “Au soleil redouté” (“The feared sun”). But their experience changes when someone disappears… 

This thriller was published in 2020, and it has not been translated into English yet. Michel Bussi is a bestselling French author, known for his thrillers. He became popular after his novel “Un Avion sans elle” (“After the Crash”), which was translated into English. His work has received many awards in France and abroad. 

With this audiobook, enjoy 11 hours of listening in French. The story is for adults, and, as it is long, it is advised for advanced French speakers. However, it is written in everyday French language, so don’t hesitate to try listening to it, even if you are an intermediate speaker! You can listen to just a few chapters, if you want to focus on your comprehension more than on understanding the whole story. 

Click on the following link to access the audiobook:

“Au Soleil Redouté” was part of our weekly COVID-19 newsletter of learning resources in French, on the topic of “imprisonment”. 
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