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Bilingual children books - Improve your French vocabulary

Bilingual children books - Improve your French vocabulary

Vocabulary is important in the learning of a new language. Bilingual books are a good way to improve it without getting lost, as well as allowing readers to learn two languages at the same time. In this article, find a selection of 4 digital books, on various topics, suited for young beginners looking for new French words! One of them is a French-Spanish resource. Read these short novels, or listen to their audio recordings. 

Enjoy our selection of self-learning resources in French for kids, to carry on learning and enjoying French language from home. You can read, but also listen to audio recordings of the following books. They were part of previous newsletters on the topics of legends, imprisonment, ecological issues and common preconceptions of women. 

If your children prefer reading books over eBooks, you can use AmazonSmile to order the books we recommend, while supporting us. When you order from AmazonSmile, they donate to us at no extra cost! Find the banner at the bottom right-hand corner of this article to add us as your supporting organization.

These resources are available on Culturethèque, our Digital Library, to which our members have free access. 
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French-English books

“Le jour où le miel a manqué - The day honey ran out”

By Nicole SNITSELAAR and Maryline BELLEC, digital book, 2017 - 22 pages

This is a bilingual comic book aimed at children 3 years and older. Because of pollution, there is a lack of pollen, and the bees are in danger. One of them, called “Bee”, eventually tries to warn humans of these dangers. This cute book has large pictures, and it can be read both by parents or children to improve their French on their own. On Culturethèque, this book is even recommended for children whose level of French is A1 and A2.

“Lucie aime les histoires (Lucie loves stories)”

By Nicolas LEFRANÇOIS, digital book, 2002 - 9 minutes of reading 

This is a bilingual book recommended for 7 year-old children. This is a very simple story about children’s imagination, that makes them dream about magic adventures and fairies. The few sentences and the large pictures help to focus on the important words. Read the book online, or listen to it on Storyplayr, where you can also find activities.

“Le Voyage au fond de ma chambre (A Journey around my room)”

By Nicolas LEFRANÇOIS and Claudine FURLANO, digital book - 11 minutes of reading

This is a book about a boy looking for someone in his room during the night, because he thinks someone is living there. There are only a few sentences on each page, both in French and English, and large pictures. At the end of the book, you will find activities around room vocabulary. The book’s audio recording is also in both languages.

French-Spanish book

“Shana et Aurelian”

By YAYO and Marjorie CAROLA, digital graphic novel, 2018 - 44 pages 

For the first time, discover a French-Spanish bilingual resource. This graphic novel tells the story of Shana, a young Gypsy girl, and Aurélian. They prepare for the “Bull celebration” in Arles, in the South of France. Shana is considered to be demonstrating “boy behavior”, whereas Aurélian is romantic. They live this day asserting their individuality, despite the codes. This is a good story mixing French and Spanish cultures, with a few red colorful pictures and very little dialogue.

We hope that these selections will make your children dream and learn new things about French language!