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French museums… le Centre Pompidou et le Mucem

French museums… le Centre Pompidou et le Mucem

Discover a second article on French museums. This time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy modern and contemporary art in a famous Paris museum: the Centre Pompidou. Then, travel to Marseille, in the South East part of France, to experience a virtual exhibition on the topic of the journey.  

Le Centre Pompidou, Paris

This center houses the Public Information Library and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts

For adults

  • Les podcasts du Centre Pompidou

You can experience virtual tours through the listening of two series of audio podcasts : 

  • “Centre Pompidou Visits”

These are audio tours of the exhibitions and permanent collection, narrated by actors and actresses. The podcasts are sequenced, and there are French and English versions. 

  • “A Podcast, an Artwork”

These explore major works through the lens of a social issue (for example, feminism). These podcasts are only available in French. (French version) (English version)

Le Mucem, Marseille

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MUCEM) is a national museum in Marseille (French Riviera), inaugurated in 2013.

For children and adults

  • “Voyage, Voyages”

This exhibition was supposed to be held between January 22nd and May 4th in the museum, and it is now open online! It is about the way the journey has always inspired artists. Click on the following link, and scroll down to see some of the works of art, read two essay excerpts, listen to the interviews with the organizers, or listen to podcasts about the exhibition. Here are two resources I recommend:

  • The series “Voyage Émoi” for both adults and children. A sound designer put together short interviews of Marseille inhabitants of all ages to talk about how the journey inspires us. 
  • The “Parcours Sonores” are 8 videos with commentary about some of the masterpieces in the exhibition. They are adapted for teenagers and adults, and the French is spoken slowly.

We hope that you will love being part of the French cultural life from home and attend virtual exhibitions as if you were there!