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Our “coups de coeur” graphic novels

Our “coups de coeur” graphic novels

In this article, find a list of graphic novels for kids, teens and adults, that are our “coups de coeur”. They are available on Culturethèque, our digital library, or on a downloadable app. Read about the topics of imagination, legends, family, and more. 

Whether you are in primary school, middle school, high school, or not at school anymore, enjoy the following graphic novels in French, that you can read online. Read our reviews and advice about our “coups de coeur” *. Here, the notions of reality and fantasy become mixed up, and readers will have to be as inventive as the authors! Some stories also deal with the issue of separation from family and search for identity… 

*coup de coeur = favorite, literally “heart stopper”

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These resources are available on Culturethèque, our Digital Library, to which our members have free access: 
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“La guerre de Catherine”

By Julia BILLET and Claire FAUVEL, digital graphic novel, 2017 - 154 pages 

This is a moving and beautiful story in French about Rachel, a Jewish teenager during World War II, passionate about photography. In the early 1940s, France was no longer safe for Jewish people. The Resistance helps Rachel hide by changing her identity. All over France, she eventually meets a lot of unforgettable people.  She tells her story of these difficult times of the war through her art. 

This testimony of the Holocaust is interesting and striking, as it is related to the art of photography. This is a great graphic novel after the French book by Julia BILLET, which told the story of BILLET’s mother, Tamo Cohen. She received awards for this work. It is aimed at young teenagers, but we would advise this realistic novel for children, teenagers, and adults, and it is a transgenerational topic. 


“Seuls, La Disparition” (tome 1)

By Fabien VEHLMANN and Bruno GAZZOTTI, 2015 - 56 pages

Despite the picture in the cover, this is a graphic novel recommended for children and teenagers from 9 years old. Adults can enjoy it too! This is an amazing story about 5 children who wake up one day and realize that they are alone in their city. They don’t know each other, but they have to stay together to survive and find answers. During the Angoulême Festival in 2007, this book received the “Youth Prize”. This story is an incredible French saga divided into 11 volumes, and more volumes are to come. Find 10 of them on Culturethèque and read these graphic books online!



By Marietta REN - 1h30 reading

This recent production by France Télévision is a mix between a web documentary, a graphic novel and an animated movie. This is a new kind of resource that needs to be watched on a smartphone or a tablet. You have to scroll horizontally, and it has sound effects. The story takes place in our world. Audrey, a young girl, tries to understand why she has hallucinations in which she sees white whales. It is an adventure mixing cognitive sciences and mythology, for both kids and adults.  

To be able to enjoy it, you have to download an application. It is available on IOS and Android, in both English and French. 


“L’adoption - Qinaya” (tome 1)

By ZIDROU and Arno MONIN, digital graphic novel, 2016 - 72 pages 

Qinaya is a 4 year-old girl from Peru. When she’s adopted by a French family, Qinaya and her family’s lives change. In particular, the character Gabriel has to learn how to become a grandfather, even though he wasn’t a very good father. But, eventually, ties are forged between them. At the end of the digital graphic book, find some research pages about when the author was creating the characters. We would advise this graphic novel for young teenagers and adults.


“L’adoption - La Garúa” (tome 2)

By ZIDROU and Arno MONIN, digital graphic novel, 2017 - 72 pages 

This is the second volume of the previous graphic novel. 


We hope that these selections of online graphic novels in French will move you. Share it with your own family and friends! 
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