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Winter 2021 classes

French classes - Winter session

On this page, you will find a summary of our Winter 2021 programs. Due to the current pandemic, the vast majority of our Winter 2021 French classes and activities are offered online, and you can find more information on each dedicated pages listed below. If it is safe to do so, we will also be offering some in person classes, as well as hybrid classes alternating between online and on-site lessons. If you're unsure what's best for you, you can also simply contact our team by filling in this form, we will get back to you to let you know which program would best suit your needs.

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French Classes for adults
French Classes and activities for children and teens
French Classes and activities for Francophones
French Classes and activities for toddlers and families

French classes for adults

A few options are offered this Winter when it comes to French classes for adults:

  • Regular classes, taking place once a week, scheduled between January 4th and March 28th. Those will be ideal if you are looking for a steady progression, with predictable milestones helping you fully understand each step taken on your learning journey. Teachers will be focusing on reinforcing your existing skills and building up new ones, following specific goals based on what you already know.


  • Immersion or language skills Workshops. These will be ideal if you would like to learn about a very specific topic, whether it's about culture or about some tricky language aspect you would like to focus on in order to enhance your existing language skills. Our workshops program will be announced in January and Winter workshops will be held until March 28th, online.


  • Intensive classes taking place 5 times per week over a period of 2 weeks or 3 weeks, depending on your level and learning goals. Those should be a great fit if you can focus on learning French only for a short period of time rather than for the whole Winter. Those intensive French classes are recommended if you would like to really dive into French, however be prepared, these classes will have a heavier workload. They are the best option for you if you really want to immerse yourself in French, and if you have a lot of free time before and after your French lessons to carry on studying on your own. Our exact schedule will be announced soon.

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  • If you prefer a more flexible, "à la carte" option, we suggest inquiring about our private groups. Those are a great option if you would like to study straight away, rather than having to wait until January 4th, and they will be perfect if you have specific learning goals you would like to focus on. Pricing varies depending on how many hours you would like in your package, as well as depending how many students are joining the group.


    French classes for children and teens

    Just like for adults classes, various options are offered this Winter when it comes to French classes for children or teenagers:

    • Regular French Classes for children and teenagers will take place on a weekly basis between January 4th and March 28th. All ages and levels are available.


    • Intensive Classes for children and teenagers are best if you would like them to focus on French for a short period of time only. Lessons will take place 5 days per week, for two weeks. Those lessons are mostly recommended to highly motivated students, who would like to improve their French significantly, for example to improve their grades in school.

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    • French clubs are the best option for young children, or for children who are complete beginners in French and who would just like a short trial period before committing to learning French more seriously. Our teachers will plan craft activities as well as songs and games, so your children can learn in an immersive environment. This option will be best for children who are really creative and love arts and crafts.

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    • Do your children have very specific learning goals? Or would you prefer learning as a family, rather than letting your children study on their own? Private groups offer some extra flexibility, so if you also want to brush up on your French while bonding with your children, this might be the best option for you! Learning pods are also available, although the number of attendees is strictly limited.


    French classes for Francophones

    • Nos classes hebdomadaires sont proposées du 4 janvier au 28 mars. Ces leçons seront idéales pour les enfants qui parlent déjà français à la maison mais ont besoin de le maintenir, ainsi que de développer leurs compétences à l'écrit.

    Attention : avant de pouvoir s'inscrire, vos enfants doivent passer un test de placement afin de vérifier qu'ils ont bien le niveau requis. Merci de nous contacter pour plus d'informations sur ce point.

    Test niveau CE1
    Test niveau CE2
    Test niveau CM1
    Test niveau CM2


    • Vous recherchez plutôt des cours sur-mesure, et de petits groupes de type "learning pods" ? Nos groupes privés sont parfaits pour que les copains puissent se retrouver en ligne ou dans un lieu privé de votre choix. Indiquez-nous seulement vos disponibilités et nous préparerons ensemble un programme adapté à vos besoins ou contraintes personnelles.


    French classes for toddlers and families

    • Our French classes for toddlers are taking place between January 4th and March 28th. These lessons will be ideal for children who learn through music and games, as well as interacting with their care givers. Care givers attend for free and will also get the chance to learn some French basics!


    • Do you have young children who have an advanced level in French, or who need to follow a specific program, for example if you have a French Heritage or if you're planning to relocate to a French-speaking country soon? Maybe your children have friends they miss, and you would like to organize some French play-dates for them? Private groups offer more flexibility for families with young children. Learning a new foreign language such as French can also be a fun way for you to bond with your little ones!