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À la carte workshops for Adults

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Cultural Events

France & Series - Conversation

Join us on Friday, April 16th at 1pm to discuss it and to discover other series, this time produced in France, that will allow you to have a more realistic depiction of French people and life in France while making progress in French.

A one-way ticket to Paris with Oliver Gee

Join us on Saturday, April 24th at 2pm for a live virtual meeting via Zoom with Oliver Gee from his Parisian apartment to hear about his work and for a Q&A session where he shares his tips on Paris, the language, and more!

Photo Contest: Frenchness - Beyond clichés!

What does being French mean to you? What is la vie à la Française? Portray your view of France while trying to leave the traditional clichés behind. Take a picture with your phone or your camera and capture your own depiction of French culture. You have until May 16th at noon (EST) to submit your photo.