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Adult Classes - September 2020 to June 2021 - Early Bird Discount - Full Year Registration

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Product Duration: Available until July 31st, 2020


Is it still possible to learn French as an adult? Mais oui !

Many people join Alliance Française of Westchester because they've learned French a long time ago, however we also have many complete beginners who start learning French with us every year. It's never too late to start learning a new skill, even if that skill is learning a foreign language!

Our pedagogy is based on providing a fully immersive learning environment adapted to adults, so don't worry if you don't know where to start and let our teachers guide you in your learning journey. Our team focuses on teaching all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our teachers also make it fun by not only teaching you about a language, but also about the cultures of various Francophone countries, so be prepared to immerse yourself into a whole new world!

Most adults learner need to rely on reading and writing in order to memorize new words and sentence structures, so our teachers will of course provide the possibility to do so, especially through homework and useful websites which you can explore at your own pace in order to get a broader understanding of French grammar rules. But during class time, the focus will be mostly on practice, pronunciation and conversation, as acquiring and refining those skills is much more difficult to do on your own. Our virtual classrooms will provide plenty of references and exercises you can use before and after lessons, and teachers will be available to answer any question you might have.

If an official certification is necessary for you to reach your personal goals, you will have the opportunity to take official exams in French and our team will be there to advise you regarding when to take an exam, and which one might be a better fit for you (DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, etc.). If on the contrary you're only interested in learning French as a hobby or to travel, our team will be more than happy to give you tailor-made recommendations based on your own hobbies!

If you have never attended classes at AFW, you need to contact us before signing up for a class, so we can assess your level and find the ideal class for you. Unless you're a complete beginner, you also need to take our placement test. For all new AFW students, including complete beginners, an informal interview will be arranged before the first day of class in order for our team to gain a better understanding of learning goals which are most important to you.

When are lessons taking place?

Lessons will start from September 10th onward, and will finish no later than June 27th. Our school year is organized following 3 terms of 10 lessons each.

Autumn term : September 10th - December 18th (no class during Thanksgiving break)
Winter term : January 7th - March 28th
(no class during Presidents week)
Spring term : April 5th - June 27th
(no class during Memorial Day weekend)

Adults are grouped depending on their level, but also depending on their personal learning goals.

Hybrid French classes for adults

Due to the pandemic and in order to implement strict social distancing measures, Alliance Française of Westchester is proposing hybrid classes for the full 2020-2021 academic year. Lessons will take place online at least 50% of the time, although some lessons may take place in person in either White Plains or Larchmont. Existing groups who would prefer carry on learning 100% online will also be able to do so, for as long as they want. If you're unsure if your group is going to be a hybrid class or a 100% online class, please contact us before signing-up, and please also inform your usual teacher about your personal preference.

If it is safe to conduct classes in person from this Fall onward, our schedule will follow a week A/Week B pattern, with one week being taught online and the other offline. If it is unsafe to conduct classes in person this Fall, or students from a specific group tell us they would prefer their class to be fully online, classes will be taught online.

Please note that due to strict social distancing criteria, registration to a specific group will be available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Complete beginners: Tuesdays, 10am to 12pm (Larchmont)
  • False beginners:
    • Mondays, 9.30am to 11.30am (White Plains)
    • Tuesdays, 10am to 12pm (Larchmont)
    • Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm (White Plains)
  • Advanced beginners: Wednesdays, 9.15am to 11.15am (White Plains)
  • Upper Intermediate level (B1, B1+):
    • Mondays, 6.30pm to 8.30pm (White Plains)
    • Thursdays, 9.30am to 11.30am (White Plains)
  • Advanced level:
    • Wednesdays, 7pm to 9pm (White Plains)
    • Fridays, 10am to 12pm (Larchmont)
    • Saturdays, 9am to 11am (White Plains)

100% online French classes for adults

These groups will be taught 100% online due to the personal preference of our students.

  • Complete beginners:
    • Mondays, 11am to 1pm
    • Mondays, 6pm to 8pm
  • Advanced beginners:
    • Tuesdays, 11am to 1pm
    • Tuesdays, 6pm to 8pm
    • Lower Intermediate level (A2+):
      • Tuesdays, 1.30pm to 3.30pm
      • Tuesdays, 6pm to 8pm
    • Intermediate level:
      • Wednesdays, 11am to 1pm
      • Thursdays, 6pm to 8pm
    • Upper Intermediate + level: Thursdays, 11am to 1pm
    • Advanced level: Fridays, 11am to 1pm

    Please note the number of students allowed in online groups will also be strictly limited in order to maintain a high quality learning experience.

    Are there extra costs involved when joining this class?

    Yes, it is necessary to have a valid membership before the start of the school year. Books are also required for all classes, and the total cost of the books might vary from $60 to $80 per student, depending on their level. Normally, each student will need to have only one set of books per school year, although in some cases you might have to purchase a second set of books in January or in April, if you're joining a group which has already started working on a specific book earlier in 2020 and is carrying on studying with the same book.

    For online classes, an extra $25 per year may be charged per student to pay for software and e-books licences, but in this case the purchase of paper textbooks may not be necessary. Our team members will do their best to let you know what your options are if in some cases digital versions of textbooks might be available and cheaper than printed versions.

    For students who want to carry on learning French all year round, a special Summer package can be purchased separately. Summer lessons will be taking place between July 1st and August 29th, 2021.

    When do I have to pay for my class?

    To benefit from our early bird discount, tuition must be paid in full by July 31st. However, textbooks and memberships may be paid between August 1st and September 20th.

    What if I want to pay per term, rather than for the full school year?

    You may pay for each term separately, at a rate of $599 per term. Although in this case, please note a seat cannot be guaranteed from one term to the next, as seats availability will be strictly limited due to the pandemic.

    Anything else I should be aware of?

    Due to the pandemic, we cannot fully guarantee that lessons will indeed be conducted on-site, as the NY government may order a new shutdown. However, we will work with students on a case by case basis in order to propose the best tailor-made solutions depending on your learning needs. Please note that by signing up for this annual package, you are also accepting our general terms and conditions. As annual packages are heavily discounted, they are non-refundable, however if a full shut down is required by the local authorities, they may be converted into a credit to use at a later date, or may be transferred to another student. Payments are accepted by check or you can pay online directly. To benefit from this special rate, you cannot pay for tuition over the phone.

    Please also note that during the pandemic, masks are required at all time within the Arts Westchester building as well as on our premises, and you must strictly follow NY state guidelines. There will be no exception possible, so you may consider taking online classes instead of in person classes if wearing a mask in class might affect your personal learning experience.

    What if I can't join French lessons in White Plains or Larchmont on a regular basis?

    For students who would rather organise private individual or group lessons in the safety of their own home, or who are looking for a more intensive learning pace, please contact us. For students living in Northern Westchester, we may be able to organize Adult French classes in Pleasantville, although at this stage we're still waiting for a confirmation from our partner Arc Stages regarding the potential availability of their classrooms.

    What if I don't want to take online French lessons at all?

    Keep an eye on our newsletters, our 2020-2021 workshops program will be announced as soon as possible. If it is safe to conduct workshops in person this Fall and throughout the year, we will be offering some fully offline workshops. Some fully online workshops will also be available for students who cannot meet in person safely and must quarantine themselves. Workshops will be offered to students of all levels, and alternative venues may be offered in order to make social distancing easier.