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Winter 2021 - Adults Workshop series

$229.00 USD


Our Winter 2021 workshops are here!

Enroll to 5 workshops of your choice among the different categories, levels and topics proposed here (90mn each). If you do not want to sign up for 5 workshops, you can also pay $50 for a single workshop. (Contact us here)

As workshops are attended "à la carte", you must confirm your attendance in advance every time. Simply purchasing a package doesn't mean you will automatically receive the link to the workshop of your choice.

Current workshops available - you must RSVP at least 24h in advance so we can send you the Zoom link on time.

Please note that for the time being, all our workshops are organized online exclusively.

False Beginner/Lower Intermediate Level Workshop Series

(A1+ to A2+)

Phonetics & Elocution - 10.30am to 12pm - Fridays

We know, French pronunciation can be difficult. Come and practice your pronunciation with us while learning from a wide range of texts which will help you get more familiar with French culture. Songs, poems and short literary texts will be selected, both for their cultural importance and for the sounds and
melodic patterns they can help you practice. A translation of each text will be provided to help you fully grasp their meaning. Feel free to suggest specific authors or artists you're interested in learning about.

Upcoming workshop dates: February 26th, March 12th & March 26th.

Conversation & Communication - 1pm to 2.30pm - Tuesdays

Topic starters for false beginners and lower intermediate level students will be sent to you in advance, so you can prepare before the workshop. Communication will be aimed at achieving practical goals, such as buying something from a shop, asking for a specific service, introducing yourself to new acquaintances, talking about your daily life and about your family, talking about what you like and dislike, etc. Feel free to suggest specific topics you're interested in practising.

Upcoming workshop dates: March 2nd, March 16th & March 23rd.

Higher Intermediate Level Workshop Series


Conversation & Communication - 7pm - 8.30pm - Thursdays

Before each workshop, you will be sent an article to read on a specific theme, as well as potentially a video to watch or a short audio recording to listen to (radio, podcast, etc.), related to the same topic. You will then get the chance to discuss this topic and learn more about vocabulary, underlying cultural references, etc.
Feel free to suggest specific topics you're interested in discussing.

Upcoming workshop dates: March 4th, March 18th, March 25th & April 1st.