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Your previous selection: A1.4 - Beginner 4

A1.4 Beginner 4: Prerequisite: Beginner 3 or equivalent. Continue to reinforce communication skills in French. Learn the fundamentals of situating in time and space, talking about the weather, comparisons and how to ask for information and place an order at the restaurant, talk about future plans and discuss past events. Textbook required: Version Originale 1 (units 7 & 8), text and exercise book. This is the FINAL Beginner Class.
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Adult A1.4 - Beginner 4 - Winter 20

Product Code: WIN20-A1.4-1395 2020

Age Group ADULTS
Type Regular
Session 2020 - Winter 20
Pace 1 session per week
Level A1.4 - Beginner 4
Schedules 04 Jan 2020 to 21 Mar 2020
  • Saturday - 8:55am to 10:55am
Note: Basic prior knowledge of French is required, mostly in present tense. If you're unsure what your current level is, please contact our office so we can let you know which group is most suitable for you.

Books are not included in the price of the course and must be purchased at our office separately.

This is a group for non-beginners, who have learned some French basics before. At this stage, students will learn about how to describe what they like to eat, order food in a restaurant or make a purchase in a shop, etc.

At the A1 level, students will mostly be learning expressions they can use in the present tense.

Required Course Material
$55.00 USD
Version Originale 1 - TextBook
$20.00 USD
Version Originale A1 - Cahier d'exercices
$549.00 USD