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Let’s play Francophone music! This article presents two female artists of French pop music. Discover or rediscover these two Belgian and French singers through videos, radio podcasts and quizzes. Children, teenagers, and adults can improve their Francophone cultural knowledge and their French at the same time! 

French monuments... Notre-Dame de Paris et Versailles

by Pauline Boucherie

We carry on with our cultural selections of online resources. Thanks to this week’s article, visit two famous French monuments through virtual tours and virtual reality videos: Versailles castle and Notre-Dame. First, explore the architecture and artwork inside and outside the famous Paris cathedral, as we celebrated the sad one-year anniversary of its fire on the 15th of April. Then, learn fun facts about everyday life at the royal residence of Versailles. Enjoy this little journey in France and French culture!

Listen to some French!

by Pauline Boucherie

Carry on learning French at home, and carry on improving your comprehension and pronunciation by listening to some resources in French! The following selection deals with various topics through audio books, songs and podcasts in French, all available online for children and adults. Close your eyes and let your mind escape!

Classic books for French learners

by Pauline Boucherie

Looking for new books to read to improve your French? Reading French classic books is not only suited for experts! Our digital library “Culturethèque” features a variety of good classic novels adapted to learners and literature lovers, whether children and adults. Find a selection in this article. 

French museums… le Centre Pompidou et le Mucem

by Pauline Boucherie

Discover a second article on French museums. This time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy modern and contemporary art in a famous Paris museum: the Centre Pompidou. Then, travel to Marseille, in the South East part of France, to experience a virtual exhibition on the topic of the journey.  

French museums... le Louvre et le Musée d’Orsay

by Pauline Boucherie

Despite the shelter in place orders in France and in many countries around the world, it is still possible for children, teenagers, and adults to carry on taking part in the French and Francophone cultural life. In Paris, the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre are closed, but you can visit these two famous museums through the following article, thanks to virtual tours, videos, audio recordings, and more!