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AFW's in-person operations in White Plains will resume later this Spring! Here is what to expect during this exciting transition period.

Updated COVID-19 policies

by Rachel Villeger

As Spring is on its way and as our team is actively working towards resuming in-person operations, we would like to inform you about our updated policies regarding COVID-19.

A word from Janet Skeslien Charles

by Rachel Villeger

Our guest Janet Skeslien Charles really enjoyed meeting our members and she would like to share her favorite locations in Paris with all AFW members.

Pain d'épices - Alsace

by Alice Amundson

Pain d’épices is a delicious, velvety, and moist dessert with different variations in different parts of the world. Some of the other names for it are gingerbread, lebkuchen, and gaulderye bread, all with slightly different recipes.

This article was originally written by our intern, Emily Saurack.

Crème Caramel - Île-de-France

by Alice Amundson

Although its original name is French, it is unknown who the true creators of this delicious custard and caramel dessert are. Its many other names include flan, crema caramella, crème renversée, and caramel pudding.

This article was originally written by our intern, Emily Saurack.
Photo: "Original Vanilla Crème Caramel" by L.A. Foodie, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Tarte aux Mirabelles - Lorraine

by Alice Amundson

The traditional tarte aux mirabelles from Lorraine is made with delicious yellow and red-dotted mirabelle plums (the symbol of Lorraine) grown only in this region and in parts of Alsace.

This article was originally written by our intern, Emily Saurack.
Photo: "première tarte aux mirabelles de l'année" by fidber licensed under CC BY 2.0