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Delf And Dalf Exams

Why take the DELF or DALF exams?

Are you interested in a diploma which could prove your level of fluency in French? For example, you may be interested in a diploma allowing you to enroll in a French or in a Canadian university? Or maybe you need a proof of your level in French for immigration purposes, for a job application, or to be able to join a prestigious study-abroad program?

Where to take the DELF or DALF exams?

Alliance Française of Westchester is an accredited DELF and DALF exam center and can help you get ready before taking the exam. The exams this December will be held in White Plains, in our brand new location. If a level is not available at our local center, we will also let you know which is the closest exam center where you could go for a specific upcoming exam session.

What is the right level for me?

Depending on your specific goals, we can recommend which level would be best for you. For example, if you're enrolled in one of our classes, we will usually let you know which is the corresponding DELF or DALF level. If you're not currently studying at Alliance Française of Westchester, if will be harder for us to assess your precise level, however we're always happy to help you determine which goal might be achievable in your specific case.

How can I get ready for the DELF exam?

You can either study on your own to get ready for the exam, or you can enroll in one of our classes, workshops or private lessons preparing you for a specific DELF or DALF level. Many of our instructors are also accredited DELF examiners, so they will know exactly what you need to work on in order to pass the exam with flying colors. Usually our instructors will start by assessing your strengths and weaknesses before giving you specific recommendations regarding skills you need to focus on.

For more information about the DELF and DALF exams, you can also check the official website here. You will find sample papers there, which should help you get an idea about which level might be right for you.

When is the next DELF or DALF exam session?

Below are the exam dates for 2023.

DELF Prim A2 March 3rd

DELF Junior B1 April 29th *depending on the demand
DELF Junior B2 April 29th *depending on the demand

DELF Tout Public A2 June 12th December 11th
DELF Tout Public B1 June 13th December 12th
DELF Tout Public B2 June 14th December 13th

If you would like to register for an exam session taking place in 2023, contact usPlease note that registration for DELF Prim' exams, for children, happens 3 months before the exam itself, so we strongly advise you to plan early. It's especially important as young children need time to get fully ready before an exam which can be a bit daunting.

If you're unsure which level is right for you, we strongly advise you first contact us. We also organise information sessions on a regular basis, so don't hesitate to give us a call to know when the next information session is going to be.