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A1.1 Beginner 1: No prerequisite. First time studying French but speak from day 1. You will learn basics like numbers and the alphabet, familiar everyday expressions and phrases, how to introduce yourself and others and how to ask and answer basic questions and have simple conversations. Textbook required: Version Originale 1 (Units 1 & 2) text and exercise book. The Beginner Level is A1, covering A1.1-A1.4.
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French 101 - Adult A1.1 - Beginner 1 - Fall 19

Product Code: FAL19-A1.1-1548 2019

Age Group ADULTS
Type Semi-intensive
Session 2019 - Fall 19
Pace 2 x 3 hours per week
Level A1.1 - Complete Beginners
Schedules 05 Nov 2019 to 15 Nov 2019
  • Tuesday and Friday - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Note: No prerequisite. First time studying French but speak from day 1. In this class, students will learn about to introduce themselves in French, as well as how to provide basic informations about themselves and their loved ones. This class is for true beginners who have had absolutely no exposure to French until now.

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This is a group for complete beginners, who have never learned French before. At this stage, students will learn how to introduce themselves, talk about themselves and their family, talk about what they like and dislike, ask and answer basic personal questions, etc.

At the A1 level, students will mostly be learning expressions they can use in the present tense.

Required Course Material
$55.00 USD
Version Originale 1 - TextBook
$20.00 USD
Version Originale A1 - Cahier d'exercices
$299.00 USD