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Master French verbs with online activities!

Master French verbs with online activities!

Do you want to practice your French easily? In this article, find a selection of 4 short online quizzes on French verbs suited for both children and adults. Choose your French level, and work on either the present, imperfect, or subjunctive tense. 

French conjugation can sometimes be scary because of its irregularity. Though, there are resources online that can help you practice what you have learned about French verbs and improve your skills. 

The 4 following exercises come from the Francophone media TV5 Monde. It is financed by France, Switzerland, Canada, Québec, and the Francophone part of Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels Federation), and it promotes Francophone creation and French language. It is a very good website with French lessons, activities, games, and more for children and adults of all levels. This is also a very good website to watch, listen to, and read about the news in French. The activities are particularly motivating because each part of them is a new exercise that can be done quickly.  

A1-level: the present tense

This is a grammar exercise about the verbs “être” and “s’appeler”. It is part of the series “Première classe”, whose aim is to teach French basics to beginners. Watch an 8-second video about a man introducing himself, and then do the activity divided into 4 parts: two oral comprehension exercises, and two on vocabulary and verbs. You can find a written transcript of the recording. It is easy to retain what you learn in this exercise because it is short, and because you have to use the verbs in common sentences. The examples used are about real artists.

A2-level: the imperfect and the perfect tense

This is an activity divided into 8 parts that allows you to work on various aspects of the French language. It is part of the “Totem” series shot in the city of Nantes, France, in order to record and show current French everyday life. First, watch a soundless video and answer some questions, then do the oral comprehension exercises, before working on grammar and hobby vocabulary. There is finally a cultural part to learn everyday life expressions.

B1-level: the subjunctive form

The exercise is called “Djibouti, en attendant 2016” and it is part of the “Diplôme de français des relations internationales” series. Its aim is to prepare people for a diploma in international relations. Watch a 2-minute excerpt of a TV show called “Et si…”. A journalist and her guest talk about a specific subject in the Republic of Djibouti. The activity is divided into four parts, three on oral comprehension, and the last one to practice the use of the subjunctive.

B2-level: the subjunctive form

This activity is part of the series called “Terriennes”, whose topic is the women’s struggle for freedom of speech and equality. Find different types of exercises on a 4-minute video, an interview with the Haitian woman Lise-Marie Déjean (questions, fill-in-the-blank exercise, etc.). The grammar part is about the subjunctive.

If you want to do more activities, the TV5Monde website features a lot of other exercises and resources. Click on the following link for the educational part of their website:
We hope that these selections will help you enjoy the French language and be motivated to carry on learning with the Alliance Française du Westchester.