Summer 2023

Children & Teens - Francophones - Adults

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Spring Session at AFW and NY on PAUSE

Spring Session at AFW and NY on PAUSE

Spring Session at AFW and NY on PAUSE

Dear members and students,

So much has happened in the last few days, we thought it was time for an update.  You probably already know that Governor Cuomo has just signed several executive orders, making it compulsory for all non-essential businesses to close their offices until further notice.

Because of this, and following the enthusiasm and positive feedback from the vast majority of our members, this Spring we will be offering the following:

  • Our usual classes, which will be conducted fully online until April 30th at the earliest; (enroll here)
  • The possibility to join lessons by phone, for members whose internet access doesn’t allow them to attend lessons online (contact us here for more information);
  • Shorter lessons split over the course of several days, when it’s more effective than having just one lesson per week (e.g. classes for young children);
  • Extra ressources to allow you to study on your own in your spare time;
  • Regular recommendations regarding useful resources on our “Culturethèque” digital library to keep your French fresh (subscribe here if you would like to receive those);
  • Regular recommendations regarding free cultural events you can join online (subscribe here if you would like to receive those);
  • And much more!  If you would like to help us, please note we’re currently looking for volunteers, so we can resume offering regular free activities to our members as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support, and I would also like to thank our wonderful teachers for their hard work to make sure our classes could run as smoothly as possible over the last few days.  While some glitches might still happen here and there, our team is doing its best to allow you all to keep on learning in these challenging times. We know how important our classes are for you, especially if Matilda’s Law means you currently have fewer means to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.

Take care, stay safe, and see you all very soon,