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The galette of Brittany

The galette of Brittany

Here is the recipe for galettes, a typical dish from Brittany, which can be eaten traditionally with one egg, ham and emmental cheese, also called “galette complète”. You can also choose your own filling! For example, with smoked trout, cream and chives or with goat cheese, nuts and honey.

Ingredients (serves 8 to 10)

- 2 cups of black wheat flour
- 1 pinch coarse salt
- Water (as much as you need to make the batter slightly more liquid than pancake batter)


In a salad bowl, mix the flour and salt. Pour the water slowly, while mixing, to obtain a smooth batter, slightly more liquid than pancake batter. Let the it rest for 3 to 12 hours in the refrigerator before use (depending on taste, the longer you let the batter rest, the stronger the flavor will be). 

Then, grease a frying pan with butter, preferably salted butter, and start cooking the galettes one by one when the butter is starting to melt, then keep the pan on medium heat. Cooking galettes is similar to cooking crêpes, you must use a round frying pan, add a large spoon of batter and spread it well on the pan so that the galette remains fine and round. When the edges of the galette begin to brown, turn it over with a spatula. Leave it for a few moments (about 30 seconds) on the other side and your galette is done. 

Then it’s up to you to choose what to put in your galette! 


The tradition in Brittany is to pair crêpes and galettes with cider served in a bolée (a kind of small bowl with a handle). Cider is an alcoholic sparkling beverage produced from fermented apples. There are two types: sweet cider and raw or semi-dry cider, with a higher degree of alcohol. If cider is consumed throughout France, the cider factory Kerné, located in Pouldreuzic in the south-west of Brittany, is probably the most famous as far as traditional cider is concerned. There is also the Sorre cidery, located not far from Saint-Malo in the north-east of Brittany, producing ciders made with organic apples.

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