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Virtual Trip to France - Visit Arcachon!

Virtual Trip to France - Visit Arcachon!

As we are all stuck at home, our sponsor Veronic Travel is giving you a quick tour of one of the prettiest locations you can visit on France's Atlantic coast, Arcachon!

The content of this article has been sponsored by VeronicTravel and was originally written by Véronique.
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If you are looking for perfect family beach destination in France, Arcachon Bay, “le bassin d’Arcachon”, is a must. In the summertime, families flock to this discrete and charming giant bay, hidden between the seaside and the pines. Arcachon benefits from mild weather in the winters months and can get quite hot in the summer. The water is calm on the bay side — perfect for littles ones, while the big waves on the oceanside attract surfers from around the world. With its fine sandy beaches, delicious seafood gastronomy, such as oysters, life is sweet in Arcachon. Sandwiched between the ocean and a pine forest lies the famous 100-meter-high Dune du Pyla, the greatest sand dunes in Europe.

Very close to Bordeaux, easy access on train or by car, le bassin d’Arcachon is deal for both a more active vacation, as well as to just, quite simply, relax. “In the early XX century, my family built a house in the Bay of Arcachon and since I was born until my 20’s I spent my holidays in this magic place of France” Today, Arcachon is still a preserved destination called “ a small paradise” whit a lot to do and to see.

History & Culture: Did you know that during WWI, Arcachon was a base for the American. They built a flying base for the seaplanes and many military bases to secure the coast. Today we have a beach call the American beach. During WWII, Arcachon was a base for the German Army and built the Atlantic Wall with a lot of “blockhaus” along the beaches and occupied our houses. Recently, workers discovered an underground blockhaus in the center of Arcachon. Today, we can visit it.

At the late XX and early XXI century, famous painters, compositors and writers, used to come to Arcachon for their holidays – Toulouse Lautrec, Charles Gounod, Gabriel D’Annunzio. Napoleon the III came to Arcachon twice.

The Dune of Pyla is the highest sand dune in Europe, a spectacular landscape.

The Pinasse is the name of the local boat, flat under the water to “beach” anywhere.


You will like to lay on a white sand beach, eat oysters, drink soft white wine, sail, surf or kite-surf, ride, play tennis or golf, paddle, watch the birds, fly over the bay, bike, hike, fish…

I like to lay at the top of the Dune du Pyla at the sunset or to climb to the top of the lighthouse of the Cap-Ferret, to walk in the narrow streets of the winter city of Arcachon and its historical houses, to bike along the sea among the fishers villages, to paddle on the Leyre river, to breath the pine and the sea parfum, to listen to the waves of the Ocean… The Arcachon Bay offers an incredible and rich diversity.

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