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Adult Workshops - September 2022 to June 2023 - Early Bird Discount - Full Year Registration

$639.00 USD

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Keep your French fresh with our workshops!

Many of our members enjoy attending our workshops in order to maintain their language skills and socialize with other Francophiles. If you're already fairly fluent in French and prefer focusing on cultural topics and on the latest news rather than on linguistic aspects, our workshops are the best option for you!

If you have never attended classes at AFW, you need to contact us before signing up for a workshop series, so we can assess your level and find the ideal group for you. You also need to take our placement test. For all new AFW students, including complete beginners, an informal interview will be arranged before you attend your first workshop in order for our team to gain a better understanding of learning goals which are most important to you.

When are workshops taking place?

Workshops will start from September 2022 onward, and will finish no later than June 23nd, 2023. Our academic year is organized following 3 terms of 5 workshops each, starting in September, January and March or April, depending on groups.

When you sign up for this package, please note you're joining a specific group you will stay with during the whole academic year. This package is not an à-la-carte package. Once you've decided to join a specific group, you will not be able to switch to a different group.

Adults are grouped depending on their level, but also depending on their personal learning goals. Please also note that a maximum of 7 students can enroll in each group. Groups need a minimum of 4 students for the schedule to be confirmed.

Groups currently available:

100% Online - Wednesdays - 11.45am-1.15pm - « On en parle ! » - Advanced Level (B2+ to C2) (Starting on September 28nd -  schedule : 09/28, 10/12, 10/26, 11/09, 11/30)

In this workshop series, our members will be discussing a wide variety of topics, selected by the teacher or by students themselves. Each participant is expected to read articles and watch or listen to a variety of media before each discussion, as the workshops won't really focus on explaining contents covered, but mainly on sharing opinions, add extra information and discussing various perspectives.

This annual discounted rate is valid for 15 workshops of 1 hour 30mn each and includes a one year access to our virtual classrooms for adults, in which you will find supplemental learning resources to help you reinforce your language skills between workshops.

This package does not include AFW membership fees, nor does it include the price of books or exercise books which may be included in some workshop series. A valid AFW membership is required for all AFW students. For more information, please check our membership page.