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Cyber Monday discount on online private lessons

$75.00 USD


Special offer for AFW students!

This Fall, we know a lot of you would like to have the opportunity to study French for a bit longer throughout the holiday season. Others are busy traveling, and cannot commit to their regular time slot. This special offer is here to provide flexibility as well as to thank you all for your support throughout the year.

For our students only:

  • Sign up for up to 5 hours of online private lessons at a discounted rate; (1 hour = $75; 5 hours = $375, instead of hourly rate of $99/h)
  • Each lesson can be attended by a maximum of 3 students at no extra cost; (one student must be an AFW member with a currently valid membership, others may be your guests and do not necessarily require a valid membership)
  • All hours in this discounted package must be scheduled in December 2021;
  • Pick the topics of your choice, based on your own learning goals.

This offer is valid for students of all ages and all levels, however it only applies to online lessons.

Please note that as some of our teachers are traveling at this time of year, your usual teacher may not be available during the holiday season.

Please note that the cost of virtual classrooms or extra teaching resources is not included in this package. Depending on your specific learning goals, extra charges may apply.