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Fall 2022 - Intensive Toddlers Classes in White Plains

$300.00 USD


This Fall, give your child the opportunity to learn French!

Join us this Fall to give your child the opportunity to learn French in an immersive environment. Teachers will be using songs, games and craft activities in order to help your child discover the French language and Francophone cultures. All lessons will be conducted in French, so your child can learn new words and expressions every day as if they were attending "Petite Section" in France. Teachers will follow a rigorous methodology in order to introduce new vocabulary based on themes which are relevant to your child's daily life and based on seasonal events happening from September to December.

Join our intensive classes in the morning from 9am to 12pm, from Monday to Friday. Extended hours are available at an extra cost if you need to drop-off your child earlier or pick them up later, contact our team for more information. If you child is not available 5 mornings per week, an alternative schedule may also be arranged with another family looking for a similar arrangement (e.g. one child attending 2 days per week, another attending the remaining 3 days).

To be able to enroll in these groups, your child must be 3 or 4 years old. All intensive classes will be taking place at our main office in White Plains. Each group will have a maximum of 6 children. A minimum of 4 children enrolled is required to confirm the program. Please note that all registrations must be fully confirmed and paid for at least 4 weeks before each week of intensive class is due to start. As space is limited, no refund will be given for missed lessons, unless specific arrangements have been made with our team when initially registering for the class.

Intensive French classes for Toddlers - Fall Schedule:

  • Week #1 - September 12 to 16
  • Week #2 - September 19 to 23
  • Week #3 - September 26 to 30 
  • Week #4 - October 3 to 7
  • Week #5 - October 10 to 14
  • Week #6 - October 17 to 21
  • Week #7 - October 24 to 28
  • Week #8 - October 31 to November 4
  • Week #9 - November 7 to 11
  • Week #10 - November 14 to 18
  • Week #11 - November 28 to December 2
  • Week #12 - December 5 to 9
  • Week #13 - December 12 to 16

Enrollment for multiple weeks:

As the curriculum and themes are different each week, your child may enroll to our intensive classes for more than one week and would greatly benefit from a longer immersive program. We recommend enrolling children for at least 10 weeks per term to maximize their learning experience. An extra $10 discount per week is available for each child registering after attending their first full week.
E.g., for a child enrolling for 5 weeks of classes:

Week #1 Week #2 Week #3 Week #4 Week #5
Full Price $300 $300 $300 $300 $300
Discounted Price N/A $290 $280 $270 $260

After a minimum of 5 weeks of enrollment per term, the minimum fee for each week is $250 per child.

Siblings, families & friends discounts:

Plus on est de fous, plus on rit ! As we know children enjoy learning with their siblings, cousins or friends, a discount is available for anyone enrolling at least 2 children in the same group and at the same time. This discount is not available if children are enrolling on different weeks. While the first child enrolled will pay the full price, other children registering at the same time will each benefit from a $10 discount per week.

This discount for siblings, families and friends is also available when children are enrolling for multiple weeks.