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Fall 2023 - Adult Classes - White Plains

$644.00 USD

Product Code: FAL23_CLS_ONS_ADL_200_GN_PRG


Learn French as an adult? Mais oui !

Our pedagogy is based on providing a fully immersive learning environment adapted to adults, so don't worry if you don't know where to start and let our teachers guide you in your learning journey. Our team focuses on teaching all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our teachers also make it fun by not only teaching you about a language, but also about the cultures of various Francophone countries, so be prepared to immerse yourself into a whole new world!

If you have never attended classes at AFW, you need to contact us before signing up for a class, so we can assess your level and find the ideal class for you. Unless you're a complete beginner, you also need to take our placement test. For all new AFW students, including complete beginners, an informal interview will be arranged before the first day of class in order for our team to gain a better understanding of learning goals which are most important to you.

When are lessons taking place?

Adults are grouped depending on their level, but also depending on their personal learning goals. Groups need a minimum of 4 students for the schedule to be confirmed.

Groups currently available:

  • Mondays - 11am to 1pm  - False Beginners (A1)
  • Mondays - 1pm to 3pm  - Advanced Beginners (A2)
  • Mondays - 6pm to 8pm - Lower Intermediate (A2+/B1) (starting on Sept 25th) 
  • Tuesdays - 6pm to 8pm - Advanced Beginners (A2) (starting on Sept 26th)
  • Tuesdays - 6pm to 8pm  -  Complete Beginners (A1)
  • Thursdays - 11am to 1.00pm - Higher Intermediate (B2)
  • Fridays - 1pm to 3pm - Advanced level literature (C1/C2)
  • Saturdays - 9am to 11am - Complete Beginners (A1)

Our school year is organized following 3 terms of 10 lessons each, starting in September, January and April.
All groups listed on this page are for lessons taking place at our main office in White Plains.
Our Fall term will start September 14, 2023.

This rate is valid for 10 lessons of 2 hours each.

This package does not include AFW membership fees, nor does it include the price of textbooks and exercise books, or the one year access to our virtual classrooms for adults, necessary for all students. Depending on your level, the price of textbooks and/or exercise books used in your class may vary. A valid AFW membership is required for all AFW students. For more information, please check our membership page.

You don't see a class that fits your agenda? Contact us - Other classes will be opened soon