Winter 2023 Session

Toddlers - Children & Teens - Francophones - Adults

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Fall 21 - Intensive French Classes for Teens

$369.00 USD


Want to learn French during the Fall? Join one of our intensive classes for teens!

➔ Efficient learning plans ➔ Ideal if you want to learn fast ➔ Focus on spoken communication ➔ Interactive exercises to help you practice further (grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, listening skills, etc.)

Each package corresponds to 12h of direct instruction time with a teacher via video conference + interactive exercises available on our online platform, which you will have access to for a full year. All groups have a maximum of 4 students in order to enable each student to practice spoken communication effectively. Students will be grouped by age as well as by skill levels.

Next starting dates:

  • November 29th to December 22nd, 4pm to 5.30pm (Mondays & Wednesdays - Complete Beginners)
  • November 29th to December 22nd, 5.45pm to 7.15pm (Mondays & Wednesdays - False Beginners
  • November 30th to December 23rd, 4pm to 5.30pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays - Intermediate level)
  • November 30th to December 23rd, 5.45pm to 7.15pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays - Advanced level)
  • December 27th to December 30th - 9.30am to 12.45pm Mondays to Thursdays - Complete Beginners & False Beginners groups (15mn break from 11am to 11.15am)
  • December 27th to December 30th - 2pm to 5.15pm Mondays to Thursdays - Intermediate & Advanced level groups (15mn break from 3.30pm to 3.45pm)

Not sure about your child's exact level? Contact us for a free level assessment.