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Grammar Boot Camps - Niveaux A1 à B1

$29.00 USD


Struggling with French Grammar?

French grammar can be confusing at times, we know.

If you would like to review all the basics over the Summer, register to this online program.

  • Learn or review basic French grammar rules, summarized in a convenient format; (documents printable and/or accessible on a phone, computer or tablet)
  • Practice with auto-corrective exercises available at any time to practice at your own pace;
  • Set personalized goals and milestones to improve your French grammar and conjugation over a short period of time (15, 30, 45 or 60 days);
  • Get regular feedback and advice from a teacher who can clarify complex rules for you.

There is no set starting date for this program; you can choose your ideal starting date based on your own availability.

In order to be able to access this online learning program, you must have a valid yearly access to our virtual classrooms (Apolearn), as well as a valid AFW membership. If you're not an AFW member yet, contact us.
This program is for students who have at least some basic prior knowledge of French (A1), up to an intermediate level (B1).