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Private online discussion groups on Apolearn

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NEW! Private online discussion boards for AFW members

Interested in discussing topics you're passionate about with other Francophiles?

Join our private online discussion groups and learn more about various cultural topics of your choice!

On these discussion groups, you will find general information as well as recent articles about your topics of interest and you will get the opportunity to meet other Francophiles with similar interests. You will be able to start your own discussions if you would like to share something with other AFW members or ask them questions. You will then be able to carry on these discussions in person if you wish to do so, for example by joining our regular discussion groups.

To begin with, the following groups are open:

  • Voyage & Tourisme
  • Films & Séries TV
  • Cuisine & Vin
  • Chanson & Musique
  • Histoire
  • Littérature

More discussion groups will become available in the near future, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or specific suggestions for future discussion groups you would like AFW to offer.

Discussions are allowed in both English and French, although we encourage you to use this opportunity to practice your French. Interesting news articles shared in the groups may be written in either French or English. These online discussion groups are exclusively for AFW members. They are free to join, however they require a valid access to our Apolearn platform, which costs $29 per year and per person. AFW students currently enrolled in our classes usually already have an active Apolearn account and do not need to pay any extra fees to join online discussion groups.

Our Apolearn platform can be used on any device which can connect to the Internet: smart phones, computers, tablets.