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Spring 2022 - Adults Workshop series

$239.00 USD

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Focus on specific skills with our French workshops 

Your schedule is very busy, so you're looking for flexible options? Join our online workshops this Spring!

You can mix & match between workshops to join online sessions now and then, when you feel like practicing a specific skill. Sign up for a series of 5 regular workshops (90mn each). You can also contact us to join just one workshop on an à la carte basis ($50/90mn workshop).

IMPORTANT: As our workshops rely on the use of dedicated virtual classrooms, a separate annual fee is due to gain access to our online learning platform. You will have access to the detailed curriculum in your virtual classrooms, as well as to learning resources relevant for each workshop.

Upcoming workshop dates

Current workshops available - please note you must RSVP at least 72h in advance so we can send you the video conference link on time.

Don't know your current level? Take our placement test.

Advanced levels (B2, C1 & C2)*

Translation workshops - Translate various texts from French to English or from English to French and discuss the nuances and deeper meanings which may be lost in translation. 5 live sessions are planned to discuss translation issues as a group and more discussions can take place in the virtual classroom's private forum, which enables students to compare their translations and discuss their work throughout the term. Wednesdays - 9.00am to 10.30am.

Séance Date Thématique Thème ou version ?
1 6 avril Traduire un article de magazine (thématique culturelle ou liée aux actualités du moment) version (français ==> anglais)
2 27 avril Traduire un extrait de roman (siècle et genre à déterminer) thème (anglais ==> français)
3 11 mai Traduire un extrait de podcast ou d'émission radiophonique version (français ==> anglais)
4 25 mai Traduire un article encyclopédique (Wikipedia) thème (anglais ==> français)
5 8 juin Traduire une série de lettres/correspondances version (français ==> anglais)

*When joining advanced levels workshops, please note that a significant amount of personal work or research needs to be done before each live video session. For these workshops, we recommand signing up at least one or two weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to check learning materials and complete assignments before participating in live sessions.