Winter 2023 Session

Toddlers - Children & Teens - Francophones - Adults

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Summer 2020 - Adults Classes

$449.00 USD


Summer session for adults

2 hours per week for 8 weeks, 16 hours of French

No Summer break this year for our most diligent students! You will continue to progress in French during the summer through reading, discussing current events and other topics, and consolidating the skills you learned during the school year.

Lessons will follow a more flexible structure than during the school year, allowing for both revisions and exploring new topics you're passionate about. Do you want to review tenses such as the passé récent and the futur proche? Or learn when to use passé composé vs. imparfait? Do you need more examples regarding how to use the comparative and the superlative forms in French? Or do you want to revisit the use of more in depth structures such as the subjunctive and the conditional? Or would you rather focus on lighter topics, such as learning new cooking terminology, or the vocabulary used in French newspapers and magazines?

The program will be built by the teacher in partnership with their students at the start of the session.

July 6th to August 28th :
Classes available at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:PM or 7:00PM depending on students level, from Monday to Friday. Classes will generally follow the same schedule as during the school year.

Advanced level class starting on July 8th, contact us for more information.

I am very impressed with the quality / caliber of the teachers I have had at AFW, especially Marie, Juliette and Hélène. They are always well prepared to lead each class, organized, detail oriented, tech savvy, well-versed in French culture and history and les nouvelles quotidiennes. They are demanding, in a polite way, but at the same time have astounding patience as Americans like me struggle with everything! In two words that say it all: They Care! I do not know how you find such outstanding “Enseignants”, but keep it up! À AFW, j’avais trouvé l’étude du français très amusante!
Merci pour la classe! Rachel and Lana—Thank you all at l’Alliance for arranging this online class! It was easy to do; our class was, as always, fascinating and fun. It appears to be a good solution (hopefully temporary) while we are unable to safely meet in person.

Looking forward to next classes!
I heartily concur with everything Sharon wrote! AFW emailed a link, and all I needed to do was click on it, enter my name, and -- voilà -- I was there with my classmates.

I had already decided to self-quarantine because of my age, so it was an especial pleasure to be able to attend class via the internet.

I thank Rachel for having made this possible! My only glitch was that I hadn't fed the cat before I went on-line, so Ringo made several appearances "in class" as he swished across my computer. Many thanks to all!