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Summer 2022 - Grammar Boot Camps for Teens

$380.00 USD

Product Code: SUM22_CLS_CHD_150_GN_PRG


Refresh your grammar skills before the new school year!

You have previously been learning French, but you feel like you need a refresher to kick-start the school year? We're here to help!

Join one of our intensive Summer classes to make sure you remember all the important grammar rules in French. In our classes, you will be reviewing not only tenses, but also how to form more elaborate sentences using pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc.

Students will be grouped by age as well as by levels. If you haven't been learning French with Alliance Française of Westchester previously, a free placement test is required before joining our classes or boot camps.

All Grammar Boot Camps will be taking place at our main office in White Plains. Each group will have a maximum of 6 teenagers. A minimum of 4 teenagers enrolled is required to confirm the program.

French Grammar Boot Camps Schedule:

Week #1 - August 15 to 19* - 1pm to 4pm: Understanding French basics, questions, nouns, adjectives and tenses.
Week #2 - August 22 to 26 - 1pm to 4pm: Reviewing pronouns and how to use the correct ones in more complex sentences.
Week #3 - August 29 to September 2 - 1pm to 4pm: Using the right moods and tenses in order to express your opinions with more clarity.

*Enrollment must be completed and classes must be fully paid by July 28 at the latest. 

Enrollment for multiple weeks:

As the curriculum and themes are different each week, your child may enroll to our French Grammar Boot Camps for more than one week and would benefit from a longer immersive program. An extra $10 discount per week is available for each teenager registering after the first week.
E.g., for a teenager enrolling for 3 weeks of grammar boot camps:

Week #1 Week #2 Week #3
Full Price $380 $380 $380
Discounted Price N/A $370 $360

Siblings, families & friends discounts:

Plus on est de fous, plus on rit ! As we know teens enjoy learning with their siblings, cousins or friends, a discount is available for anyone enrolling at least 2 teenagers in the same group and at the same time. This discount is not available if teens are enrolling on different weeks. While the first teen enrolled will pay the full price, other teens registering at the same time will each benefit from a $10 discount per week.

This discount for siblings, families and friends is also available when teens are enrolling for multiple weeks.

Not sure is this boot camp is right for your teen? Contact our team for more information.